Wavecontrol Enters US Market

A Spanish company, Wavecontrol, has developed new and innovative radio frequency (RF) assessment and monitoring tools. The SMP meterwith a cellular-specific probes allows us to measure only cell site emissions without interference from other sources.

The MonitEM system allows real-time, remote and continuous monitoring of the field strength from multiple transmission sites. The data is collected and accessible via the Internet on any computer. The Government of Catalonia, Spain has established MonitEM sites throughout the State. Click on this link to obtain real time data from numerous measuring sites.

The MapEM system makes it possible to study radiation levels over a large geographical area. The data is overlayed on a map with actual measurements. It allows you to obtain information on signal strength and quality of services.

We are proud to represent Wavecontrol in the United States. If you questions regarding radio frequency safety and services, please give us a call at 760-942-9400.

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