EMF/RF is a division of Environmental Testing & Technology, Inc. (ET&T), both private, independent companies with no ties to related industries. Our mission is to provide scientific and unbiased information on electromagnetic fields and radio frequency (RF) radiation, its sources, measurement and evaluation criteria. Our goal is to create healthy and functional indoor environments with low EMF and RF levels through a reasonable and practical approach.

Who We Are?

Company History
EMF/RF as part of ET&T have been creating and maintaining healthy and green indoor environments since 1986.

Past EMF and RF Projects
ET&T and EMF/RF have worked for corporations, institutions, business owners, management companies, law firms, insurance carriers, governmental agencies and private individuals from San Diego to the Bering Sea.

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We pride ourselves on independence, excellence, timely customer service and our continuous education effort to stay abreast of new information and technology. We are constantly researching the changes in EMF and RF issues, problems, changes and government regulations around the world, as well as the rapidly growing interest in creating green living environments.

EMF / RF Testing
EMF / RF Shielding
Low EMF / RF Building Design
Residential EMF / RF
Commercial EMF / RF

Our EMR / RF Experts

  • Peter H. Sierck
    Peter H. Sierck

    Peter is an Industrial Hygienist with over 20 years of experience performing professional electromagnetic field measur ...

  • Tim Brindley
    Tim Brindley
    Electrical Contractor

    Tim is a highly experienced electrical contractor with more than 16 years of experience in EMF troubleshooting, shielding and mitigation of EMF fields. As the principal of Brindley Electrical Services ...

  • Wesley Noel is an electrical engineer with 25 years of experience in electrical power engineering. The areas he specializes in include the design, operation and maintenance of power generation plants, ...

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