Cuprotect® RF Shielding Now Available In US

Cuprotect® is an exceptionally efficient radio frequency (RF) and microwave shielding material. It is manufactured in Germany and now available in the US. It has one of the highest shielding efficiencies (attenuation). It has an attenuation of 70 dB (99.99999% reduction) at common wireless frequencies. The Finnish government wrapped their latest nuclear power plant in the material to prevent electromagnetic interference. This RF Shielding material is effective, practical and an economical method to reduce RF levels in commercial, institutional and residential buildings. EMF/RF is your project consultant and distributor for the material in the US.

Give us a call to discuss your RF interference shielding project. For more information on other materials, applications, examples, specifications and attenuation please use this link. To download the Product Data Sheet click here.