How To Get a Low RF DECT Phone?

In Europe, Hong Kong and Asia. No problem. In the US? Tough luck. All major manufactures distribute low RF emission cordless DECT phones in other places but the US. Why? We do not know! Not enough consumer demand? Awareness?

The problem with DECT phones is that they emit RF radiation constantly, even when not in use. The only low RF emitting (ECO mode) DECT phone we could find in the US is the Siemens Gigaset SL785. It is a set of two cordless phones. However, it is a high tech piece of equipment with a multitude of functions. To get to the Eco mode (low RF) it needs to be programmed. The handset has to be placed back on the cradle. With other words, you must carefully read the instructions, properly program and handle it.
Do not assume the Eco mode is on right out of the box. What is the matter with these companies? The products exist in other countries. We need to demand low RF portable when we purchase. Let the sales manager know what you want. That worked in Europe. Happy trails. Let us know what your experience is.

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