Smart Meter Opt-Out for SDG&E Customers

SDG&E is now offering its customers a simple way of opting out from having a Smart Meter on your property. There are fees involved; a $75.00 one time removal fee and an additional monthly fee of $10.00 per meter. SDG&E will remove both the electric and gas meter. Here are 4 different ways to tell SDG&T to opt you out:

1.  Call 877-357-8525 and request an opt-out.

2.  Download the mail in opt-out form found at mailing an opt-out form , fill out and mail.

3.  Sign up online at

4. Or visit one of their branch offices, click on the link to find branch office locations near you.

If you have any difficulties with the program, please let us know. You can call us at 760-424-2289, email us at or at our blog on our website, .

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