EMF Levels Sky-Rocket Because of Wiring Error Identified in New School Construction

A new school campus was being built in Phoenix, Arizona. Parents of future students were very concerned about the two transmission lines running through the school’s parking lot and how that would affect their children both inside and outside the classrooms and buildings. To ease their concerns, EMF/RF performed on-site measurements, contacted the utility provider about future line load conditions and were able to provide the school district with projected average and maximum EMF levels which the different school buildings would be exposed to.

emf levelsA follow-up EMF survey after the construction was completed showed significantly higher EMF levels in areas than predicted under maximum power line load conditions, indicating electrical wiring problems in the new buildings. Our investigation quickly identified the source of the problem and provided valuable information for the school district and the general contractor to address the wiring issues. Thus reducing the EMF exposure to students and staff members.

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