EMF Testing, EMF Surveys and EMF Assessments By EMF & RF Solutions

Did you know that exposure to high electromagnetic fields inside schools, business buildings and public facilities has increased in recent years? Whether it’s due to construction, the expansion of WIFI connectivity or older electrical systems slowly wearing out, the fact remains that testing for Electromagnetic Fields or EMF testing has become vital to ensure maximum protection against potentially harmful medical conditions.

EMF & RF Solutions was built to provide scientific and unbiased testing, evaluation, measurement and solutions for electromagnetic field radiation. Our goal is to create healthy and functional indoor environments with low EMF levels through a reasonable and practical approach.

We are able to detect EMF’s through advanced testing procedures designed to:

  • Discover the presence of EMF in a building or public locations
  • Assess the source of the EMF’s
  • Remediate the field exposure to ensure you have a safe and healthy space.


What Causes EMF Fields?

Magnetic fields are produced by electrical current flow within wiring systems. Studies by the California Department of Health Services have shown that flaws in the building’s wiring system are a significant source of elevated magnetic fields. Most of these wiring errors are electrical code violations and should be repaired quickly by a certified and licensed electrician.

Exposure to high electromagnetic fields has recently become a concern due to several issues including:

  • Potential health effects
  • Interference Issues with sensitive analytical and research equipment

Electrical power systems generate magnetic and electric fields extending from the conductors. Magnetic fields are produced by the current flow in a conductor. Electric fields are produced by the voltage present on a conductor even without a current flow.


Common magnetic fields that tend to produce EMF fields include:

  • Power lines
  • Transformers
  • Wiring errors
  • Alarm Clocks
  • Electrical appliances
  • Current flow in utility pipes


Common electric fields sources that tend to produce EMF fields include:

  • Power lines
  • Unshielded internal wiring (Romex Cable)
  • Unshielded power cords

Once we identify the source of the EMF field, our expert team can eliminate the exposure quickly. We measure all EMF fields with our professional EMF testing equipment and provide affordable solutions to create a low EMF environment.


Where Do We Conduct EMF Testing?

Our headquarters is in San Diego County, therefore we offer EMF Testing in several areas of Southern California including:

Because we use such advanced testing devices and equipment, we have also been contracted to do work throughout the southwest and northwest United States.

EMF levels can vary significantly over a long period of time. Data logging at schools, commercial buildings or residential units allows us to observe the field fluctuations. This process also helps us to identify the circuits that are transmitting the EMF source and then offer a solution to reduce the EMF signals.


EMF Testing for Real Estate Transactions in Southern California

Real Estate buyers are becoming more aware of the increasing threat that electromagnetic fields are causing – and the potential health risks associated with EMF fields. This is applicable for both commercial and residential real estate transactions – which is a primary reason for the need to have EMF Testing completed prior to listing a property.

Our EMF testing also helps to expose trouble issues with electrical wiring – that can cause a home inspection to fail, lead to increases in energy consumption and higher utility bills. Once we test for EMF signals, and provide the solution – these problems can be eliminated; increasing the value of home ownership, saving you money on utility bills and reducing the potential health risks associated with EMF.

To provide you with an accurate picture if the EMF levels over time, we can monitor the field levels for longer time periods such as 24 or 48 hours or more with data logging devices placed in the concern areas.


EMF Testing at Schools in Southern California

Several schools in Southern California are very old and have risks of poorly installed electrical wiring or outdated systems that create high levels of EMF. And as we discussed above, old or improperly installed electrical systems can increase the exposure EMF Fields and develop an exposure of ElectroSmog to our children – which can lead to significant health concerns.

ElectroSmog refers to all man-made electromagnetic radiation created and present in the surrounding environment inside many schools. It is our goal to create a healthy and safe educational environment for all children and teachers. We can accomplish this by activating EMF testing in our Southern California schools.

Our primary objective at EMF & RF Solutions is to keep people living, working, or visiting Southern California safe, by reducing their exposure to EMF. Our professional team is available to speak with you about your EMF testing services needs and our solutions. Contact EMF & RF Solutions today to learn how you can reduce the threat of EMF in your home, school or business in Southern California. We look forward to speaking with you soon

Electromagnetic Radiation Overview

What is Electromagnetic Radiation and Where Does It Come From?

Remote EMF Testing Service Overview

Remote EMF Testing Services by EMF & RF Solutions


EMF testing can include a variety of alternating or direct current magnetic or electric fields. The most common sources for high electromagnetic fields include flaws in the internal building’s wiring system, proximity to powerlines, transformers or appliances and stray currents on utility lines.

We measure the various EMF field ranges with an EMF tester and professional emf testing equipment and assess what type of and how much EMF radiation is present. EMF/RF can decipher and answer an EMF or RF problem or question, find a solution and create low EMF/RF environments.

EMF surveys can be conducted for:

  • Real estate transactions
  • Health concerns
  • Low EMF building design
  • Building EMF assessments
  • Equipment interference issues
  • Reduction methods
  • Green buildings
  • Long-term data logging
  • Future projections

EMF assessment and documentation can be provided for:

  • AC Magnetic fields
  • AC Electric fields
  • DC Magnetic Fields
  • DC Electric fields

The level of magnetic fields can vary significantly over time. Data logging at sites allows observing field fluctuations over a period of time, identifies circuits, equipment activation and source identification. In conjunction with available current load data, extrapolation can be made on projected field levels.

To obtain more information about these different fields review our EMF Overview, Frequency Spectrum and EMF Resources sections.