RF Shielding Commercial Building from Cell Tower Radiation

The new owner of a commercial building located in San Diego was concerned about the presence of a cellular base station mounted on its roof top and the exposure to its tenants. We conducted a RF survey exposure assessment and based on the measurement results, the building owner requested to implement and RF shielding systems. We recommend Cuprotect®, a Germany-based patented copper wire mesh RF shielding system for buildings.

The roof was going to be replaced, so RF exposure reduction methods were being considered as part of the building improvements. In conjunction with Cuprotect® and Premier Roofing completed the first commercial radiofrequency (RF) shielding project in the United States. Sprint, the cellular service provider, cooperated in the effort and lifted the antenna array off the roof so that the shielding material could be installed underneath the array. The project was successfully completed and significant reduction to tenants RF exposure was achieved.

Cuprotect® is available in the Untied States. The Cuprotect® material is pliable and light weight, and any commercial, institution or residential building can be retrofitted to reduce exposure to building occupants. ET&T is proud to be the Technical Consultant for Cuprotect® in the United States.