Low EMF and RF Building Design

Do you want a green healthy home for your family? Or are you interested in a low EMF/RF building environment for your manufacturing process? What constitutes a healthy green building? The use of natural, non-toxic, recyclable and sustainable, low emission materials and a low carbon footprint? Today, we need to include low EMF/RF environments into the Healthy Green Home concept. The absence of high EMF and RF fields and sources needs to be part of an environmentally healthy building.

Mitigation and shielding of existing electromagnetic fields condition are a reasonable way to create low EMF buildings. However, the implementation of low EMF and RF environments in the design and construction process is a far more cost effective and practical method of creating a healthy safe home or building. Low EMF and RF environments may be necessary for human health, environmentally sensitive individuals, or for technical operations and manufacturing practices. To create a low EMF building, consideration should be given to:

  • Baseline property assessment
  • Proximity of power transmission lines
  • Placement of step down transformers
  • Location of main electrical feeder lines into the building
  • Stray currents on public utility lines
  • Electrical service panels and location of sub panels
  • Code complainant internal wiring configurations
  • Avoidance of neutral to neutral and neutral to ground connections
  • Low voltage lighting and their transformers
  • Recessed lighting fixtures
  • Location and proximity of cellular antennas and sites
  • Use of wired systems or proper placement of wireless routing systems
  • Evaluation of smart house technology and security systems
  • Monitoring and post-construction verification measurements

EMF/RF can provide site surveys, including baseline emf surveys at development sites, design review of construction plans, develop design specifications and provide EMF management plans and source elimination plans. We can also work with your electrical engineering and installation team and provide documentation and project management to assist you in constructing a low EMF building.

For more information on our emf testing services, please refer to EMF Testing, RF Testing and EMF Information.