Do you know your EMFs?

EMF – Electromagnetic Fields
RF – Radio Frequency and Microwave Radiation

EMF/RF can answer your questions on EMF and RF exposure in your building or at your future building site. Although there remains significant controversy about exposure levels and the degree of risk, some scientific studies suggest there are potential risks and health concerns related to EMF and RF exposure. We advocate taking a precautionary approach. We are surveying, testing and making EMF measurements, conducting RF surveys and assessing electromagnetic fields. We then provide you with field reduction methods and/or emf shielding recommendations to create low and safe EMF levels for individuals and sensitive analytical and research instrumentation.

EMF/RF Services Include:

  • EMF Testing
    • Measurement of the EMF fields in your building or during a real estate transaction to provide data to make informed decisions on the building conditions or human exposure.
  • RF Testing
    • An assessment of the RF conditions present based on the rapid proliferation of cell towers and the increased use of wireless technology indoors.
  • EMF and RF Mitigation
    • After indentifying problem areas in buildings, techniques and mitigation action can be implemented to reduce the overall EMF and RF exposure to family or staff members and/or yourself.
  • Low EMF and RF Building Design
    • Part of a healthy green building design is the implementation of techniques and products to create a low EMF environment and limit RF exposure to inhabitants.
  • Health and Safety Compliance
    • Building owners, their management companies and employers are responsible for the RF health and safety requirements of workers performing work around cellular antennas and sites.

EMF/RF is a division of ET&T:

ET&T (Environmental Testing & Technology, Inc.) and EMF/RF are private, independent companies with no ties to related industries. We are pioneers and leaders in the field of indoor air quality and electromagnetic fields. To learn more about our experience in creating and maintaining healthy and green indoor environments please visit our EMF/RF Company section.

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