What Is It?

WavecontrollogoWavecontrol is an innovative and user friendly radio frequency (RF) measurement and monitoring system manufactured in Spain. EMF/RF Solutions has brought Wavecontrol monitoring applications to the US market. We have been using the Wavecontrol SMP meter with their cell site-specific frequency probe (WPT) for our RF measurements since 2010. . We really love the instrumentation. It allows us to measure cell site frequency radiation only, without other frequencies interfering with the results.SMP

SMP is a direct reading radio and microwave frequency measuring and data logging instrument. The SMP instrument has a very user friendly interface and is easy to operate.



The system allows remote real time data monitoring of multiple sites for RF radiation levels from your computer. The system stores historical data and you can retrieve information on different cell sites for selected time periods


ITU K.83 Cell Site Monitoring Recommendations

ituThe International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has issued a recommendation for continuous monitoring of cellular transmission sites in its recently published document.

The Council of Europe adopted the ITU recommendation in its new Pace Resolution 1815 which also recommends continuous monitoring of RF sites in section 8.4.3. The following link will take you to the full text of the Council’s resolution: