SMP + Probes

smpimageThe Portable Measurement System SMP is a reader that can use different electromagnetic field probes to measure the fields emitted by telecommunication services and other high frequency sources. It can be used to assess, audit and certify telecommunication and industrial facilities. You can use this instrument and probes to certify compliance with current applicable laws for the protection of the general public and workers from electromagnetic fields.


The SMP allows samples of field strengths to be taken at user-definable intervals, with automatic storage of data in the internal memory. The ability to conduct long-term data logging has opened a new capability for us.  The long-term measurements will show us the amplitude variations over time; something a spectrum analyzer cannot do.

The procedures and technical characteristics of the measurements conform to national and

international standards for measurement of electromagnetic fields and radio frequency safety. Three separate  probes with different frequency ranges are available for the SMP.