The Electromagnetic Monitoring Systems (MapEM) allows continuous monitoring of transmission sites. These systems make it possible to continually monitor the strength of the fields generated by telecommunication facilities and publish the data obtained over the Internet in regular automatic reports. The systems consist of a number of monitoring devices located near the telecommunication transmitters (antennas) or in places of special importance such as schools and hospitals.  They can also be remotely controlled from a computerized control center. A new feature of the MapEM system is to be able to easily display the high, low and average readings.  Another new feature is an alarm function for RF levels.

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We have set up a real time demo site to view actual measurement data in Barcelona, Spain. Click on the link and the green dot on the site to activate the system and current data.

The Government of Catalonia (Spain) has established MapEM sites throughout the State. Click on this link to obtain real time data from numerous measuring sites. Click the button below to view the data and experience the sophistication of the monitoring and reporting system.