Low EMF Cordless Phones Now Available

icon_greenLow EMF Cordless Phones Now Available – Siemens Brings ECO DECT to US Market. Beginning last year, cordless phones with DECT 6.0 technology started flooding the US market. DECT is the abbreviation for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication technology.

The problem with the DECT phones is that the base station is permanently emitting RF radiation 24 hours a day, 365 days, even if the phone is not in use.In the last decade, this technology was used only in Europe. Indoor environmental consultants have consistently rallied against their use, to the effect that some European manufacturers now offer environmental safer versions, with a sleep mode or reduced output in stand-by mode. Siemens has brought this technology to the US market under the name of ECO DECT. These cordless phones are equipped with different mode settings that enable you to reduce the transmission power. However, it does not automatically turn into a low radiation DECT phone mode. You need to program the phone into an eco mode setting.

ECO-MODE reduces the transmitting power by 80% in comparison to when ECO-MODE is not activated.

ECO-MODE-PLUS reduces transmitting power by 100% in stand-by. The base station only transmits a signal when necessary. The phone is in stand-by and transmitting power is turned OFF when not in use. The base station only transmits a signal when a call comes in or when an internal connection is established.

ECO DECT phones can cut power consumption by 60% when compared to energy use of other conventional cordless phones.

SIEMENS offers the following phone systems/handsets that support both ECO- MODE and ECO-MODE-PLUS: Telephone systems: SL780/785, C380/385, A580/585, A380/385, AL280/285, AL180/185 Handsets: SL78H, C38H, AL28H AL18H, A58H, A38H