EMF and RF Mitigation

Mitigation is the process of reducing the EMF and RF radiation exposure to occupants, buildings or personnel. Field level reductions can be achieved by reducing the emissions at the source or by shielding (reducing) the EMF/RF radiation levels entering the indoor environment. For example, flaws in the electrical wiring system can cause significantly elevated magnetic field levels. The identification and elimination of the wiring error will eliminate these elevated EMF levels. Certain types of cordless phones or the placement of wireless network systems can become significant indoor sources of RF radiation

The type of mitigation method or technology employed depends on the emission sources, type of fields (magnetic fields or electric fields), frequencies (low to high) and direction of the field. Therefore, an accurate site assessment is essential to identify the causative factors (field sources), frequencies and directions for a successful EMF and RF mitigation plan. Random purchases and installation of EMF and RF “reduction or eliminating devises” are mostly ineffective, counter productive or can even make field conditions worse.

EMF/RF uses state-of-the-art EMF testing equipment, in conjunction with experienced field investigators to determine the causative factors. Then using our team approach of trained field investigators in conjunction with electrical engineers and electrical and emf/rf mitigation contractors we are able to provide you with recommendations for appropriate and economically feasible emf mitigation methods for your project.


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